5 minty pieces to keep me motivated

I have a really, really bad habit. It’s called pretend online shopping. You might think it’s harmless, since it’s rare that I pull the trigger. But I’ve spent hours trolling the websites of J.Crew, West Elm, Chapters Indigo, Gap, David’s Tea, Capezio and my latest haunt, Lululemon‘s—usually in vain, skipping sleep to fulfill the thrill of stocking my online shopping cart, only to abandon ship once I get to the “confirm order” stage in the purchase process. I could spend that time reading, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, baking, catching up with friends…

And yet I pretend online shop.

The latest colour to occupy space in my heart is mint green. I always called it seafoam growing up—was mermaid-obsessed as a child and was convinced my prom and bridesmaid dresses would be under the sea salty umbrella. But the cool girls now call the colour mint, which seems fresher and infinitely more delicious. (Mint ice cream, mmmm).

So imagine my delight when I typed in “mint” into Lululemon’s search engine to discover 50 items matching that result. 50!

Here, my top five “wants” from Lululemon‘s website. I figure, if I buy really cute workout clothes that make me happy, I’ll work out more.

1. The Astro Wunder Under Crop. These look super flattering, and the bias cut seems like it would be really comfortable and smooth. You can roll them down on your hips or wear them high on your waistband, as seen here.

The Astro Wunder Under Crop, $78

2. Run: Swifty Tech Long Sleeve, $68. I have this shirt in deep charcoal, and it’s the perfect foundation for wearing over a tank but under a sweater.  The thumb holes are an added bonus if your hands always feel cold.

Run: Swifty Tech Long Sleeve, $68

3. Power Y Tank, $52. My favourite Lululemon top of all time. It never rides up, doesn’t pinch or squeeze fat out the top or sides and the longer hem feel reassuring (I always want to pull my top down during downward dog). I already have it in peony pink, navy and grey stripes—but I still need the mint, right?

Power Y Tank, $52

4. Boogie Short, $42. These would be perfect for hot yoga—I’m one of those people who sweats unbearably in these classes and the idea of wearing long pants is enough to make me turn around. Also, a bright pair of these would perk up my ho-hum black and white tanks.

Boogie Short, $42

5. Vinyasa Scarf, $48. This scarf snaps together to wrap around your neck, or splits apart to cover your shoulders, whether you’re en route to class or hoping to warm up.

Vinyasa Scarf, $48

I’ll be blogging a few more of my motivation strategies in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I’m going to fill up my cart. What do you think of my theory—will nicer workout clothes get my butt of the couch? Leave a comment below!