6-Week Slim-Down: Carb control

My 6-Week Slim-Down goal:
There’s something so satisfying about a fresh slice of baguette smothered with butter…. mmm! For me, it’s comfort food at its best. So when it came to picking a goal for my 6-Week Slim-Down challenge, the truth stared right at me as I sliced into a loaf of bread one evening in December — I would have to give up my love affair with oh-so-satisfying carbs. I knew this would be tough.

How I prepared to meet my goal:
When I made the decision to join the 6-Week Slim-Down I was nervous about how I’d manage it. The first thing I did was clean out my fridge and go grocery shopping for healthy food choices. I replaced plain sandwich bread with a multi-grain loaf — intent on eating it only in the most desperate of circumstances — and bought a giant box of leafy greens that I vowed to incorporate into my lunch and dinner plans for the next six weeks.

Challenge 1: Carbs everywhere!
From Test Kitchen treats to quick hunger fixes, I find carbs everywhere I look. When I feel hunger pangs, I don’t think of salads, but rather how I can get my hands on … well, you know. But my focus is healthy eating, so I’m staying determined.

Challenge 2: Eating with other people
Whether when visiting family or out with friends, I have started studying my meal options with greater detail. For instance, when out with friends the other night, I ordered a multi-grain wrap instead of that burger I wanted. I was hungry when I made this decision, but after I ate my wrap, the burger was a distant thought. Plus I felt good after the fact.


We’re nearing the end of week two of the Six-Week Slim-Down challenge, and I’m happy to say I’ve stuck to my goal. I downloaded an app on my phone that tracks the food I’m eating, and it also includes a pedometer (this ensures I meet my daily walking goal). Whether you write down your daily food intake in a journal or track it on an app, I find accountability helps a lot when you’re paying attention to what you’re eating.

When I feel hunger pangs, I make it a point to drink a glass of water first before looking for food. I didn’t know this, but feelings of hunger and thirst are similar. And on that note, I have also upped my water intake, and swapped my morning coffee for tea with a pinch of sugar.

Incorporating more salads and healthy grains into my diet keeps me full and also makes me feel better physically. I have more energy and feel better about myself now that I’m more conscious of what I’m eating.

I also make it a point to pack my lunch for the next day as soon as I get home the night before. Getting this task out of the way before I settle in for the night makes me feel more confident that I’ll stay on track the next day.

Finally, here are some tips, tricks and resources I’ve enjoyed adding to my life over the past few weeks, and I hope you will too.

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