31 days of healthy recipes

Getting your health on track has never been easier. March is Nutrition Month, and this year we’ve compiled 31 days worth of healthy recipes and amazing nutrition tips to help you become the healthiest you’ve ever been. You know what the best part is? Our recipes go beyond boring old salads (though we have do have some exciting, delicious salad recipes). From Seared Salmon to Thai Shrimp Curry Pizza to a Quick Lentil Curry, we’ve got lots of options that’ll tickle your taste buds (and whittle your waistline!).

Why go healthy?
A healthy diet combined with an active lifestyle will do wonders from you. You may find you sleep better, feel more energetic throughout the day and get into those skinny jeans you’ve been hiding away in your closet.

Are you in a workout rut? Here are some fun new workouts to try:
4 simple high-intensity interval training exercises
The ultimate weight loss workout
Easy exercises to tone your thighs
3 squat exercises
5 new ab exercises

What are you waiting for? Join us in the challenge to become the healthiest version of yourself.

Check out 31 days of healthy recipes. Which one will you make first?