Pain Relief on the Cold Front


The product: My Cold Front.

The Claim:
the world’s first personal cooling system with patented Recool Technology for continuous use. Perfect for on-the-go, whether it’s cooling relief you need post-workout, after an outdoor activity, or just due to high temperatures. The product’s cooling gel packs provide instant relief. Just take out the palm packs and place on neck or wrist and put them back in the case to recool. Great for pain relief, too.”

cold front kit

Reader review: “These are such a great idea, especially for those times you need instant relief from, in my case, hot flashes, though I couldn’t really use them in the daytime as I work in an office. That could get awkward. I could try them for pain relief, but I wouldn’t want to get too chilled applying them. Quirky, weird, but that’s menopause for you.” Alice S.

If you’ve found a must-try balm for pain and flashes, let us know.