5 great pre-workout snacks

I am my own worst enemy.

OK, that’s a wee bit dramatic.

What I am, though, is a consistent gym-goer and avid ball hockey player, and at some point my pre-workout snack of choice became half a power bar. While they may be loaded with carbs and protein, they’re also full of sugar. I may as well have been eating a chocolate bar.

Pears – and apples – make great pre-workout snack (photography: Dimitar Nikolov).


Shortly after I resolved to rededicate myself to more strength training, I decided to re-introduce myself to healthier pre-workout snacks. Hare are five of my favourites.

I want to fuel up with a snack that’s high in carbs and easy to digest. I know if I don’t get enough carbs, I’ll be setting myself up for fatigue during the latter half of my workout. Luckily, a serving of my favourite unsweetened variety of applesauce has more than 20 grams of carbs, and the small portion means it won’t be riding shotgun during my workout.

For more than five years, my fiancé has been extoling the virtues of this fruit: “Potassium, dear, potassium.” If you plan on doing a little extra cardio, these are great pre-workout snacks since potassium levels drop when you sweat.

Bran cereal with skim milk
This good combo of carbs and protein is my go-to pre-workout breakfast on the weekends. It’s been at least 12 hours since I last had something to eat, so getting my blood sugar back up is key to fueling my early morning workout.

Whole wheat toast
I love bread, and the good thing about whole wheat toast (as well as whole grain toast) is that it’s a low on the GI scale (meaning sugar is released into the bloodstream slowly) and high in fibre (meaning I’m less likely to have a growling tummy before I’m finished my workout).

Small pear
The fibre from the pear skin helps keep me full  – but not stuffed – until the end of my workout and the fluid content helps keep me hydrated.

Do you have favourite pre-workout snacks?

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