Two men kayak for 30 hours to send kids to camp

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On Saturday at 5 a.m., I was curled up in my bed, sleeping soundly. But Jan-Sebastian La Pierre and Graham Carter were already up. In fact they were about to jump into their kayak and head off on a 29-hour journey from Nova Scotia to Sable Island. The pair had concocted their Paddle to Sable plan three years ago, hoping their trek would raise enough money to send 25 children with mental and physical disabilities to summer camp.

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Of course it’s absolutely amazing that this duo is helping kids have the chance to go to camp. But what I especially love is that they hope their 175 km adventure will inspire kids to go play outside. On their website they say their mission is to reconnect kids with nature, breaking them away from video games and Facebook.

Now I’m not a kid, but I definitely feel inspired by their journey. Of course I don’t have the opportunity to kayak 40 km everyday like Jan-Sebastian and Graham did, so my outdoor adventure is going to be much smaller. This weekend, instead of curling up in the shade with a book, I’m going to break out the canoe at my cottage. My arms may hate me for it, but I’m going to pick up a paddle and spend some blissful hours on the water.

How are you going to enjoy the outdoors in these last few weeks of summer?

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