New fall and winter workout gear

Whether you wake up early to hit the road on your bike or you get out for a long run after work, chances are it’s going to be dark when you work out no matter where you live in Canada at this time of year. Not to mention cold!

So we decided to round up some of our favourite cold-weather workout gear just for you.

The idea of exercising outdoors in the dark can be a bit scary so here’s what we recommend to keep you safe:

  • head out with a friend or your dog for safety in numbers
  • keep your headphones off (or at least only in one ear) so you’re aware of your surroundings
  • stick to well-lit routes that aren’t too isolated (a.k.a. save that ravine run for the weekend)
  • bring a cell phone
  • tell someone your route and when you’re expected to be home
  • and make sure to wear highly visible clothing.


This vest (pictured above in action) is ideal. You don’t need to invest in a ton of reflective clothing, just a few lights or reflectors that you can accessorize with are all you need to stay safe outside. Plus, the hot pink one is kind of stylin’ right? Try the Streak Vest from Nathan, $28, available at specialty running and sporting goods stores or


I also love these gloves. They’ve got LightWave LED technology that’s USB rechargeable and can go in the wash. They’ll keep your hands warm while making you visible. Plus, they’re touchscreen compatible. How cool! SpeedShift Gloves, $65,

I like being warm (but not too hot) during a workout. I love this ombre Oasis LS Crewe shirt from Icebreaker. It is made with 100 % New Zealand merino wool. Now I know what you’re thinking. Wool? But trust me, this is super lightweight and not itchy at all. I wear mine under a sweater or vest because the natural fibres breathe (and don’t get stinky when you work up a sweat). Find it for $110,




How do you stay safe at night? What’s your favourite workout gear? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!