Chris Hadfield’s moustache joins forces with Movember

Who doesn’t love Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield? He rocked out in space and tweeted up a storm. And now he’s using his iconic moustache to promote men’s health for Movember.

What is Movember you ask? In case you missed the facial hair memo, Movember is a global moustachio movement to help raise money for men’s health during the month of November. This year is the 11th anniversary and now over 21 countries have joined forces. (That’s a lot of facial hair!)

You’re supposed to start bare faced and grow your mo from there, registering on to encourage people to support you and your mo. Ladies, don’t feel excluded if you’re not able (or willing) to grow a mo.There are ways that you Mo Sistas can help too.

Back to the astronaut in question. This year Chris is challenging students from around the world to join the Big Moustache On Campus (BMOC) network – and then the astronaut will visit the top fundraising school in Canada to spend time with the winners and speak at the school.

We are really into overall health here at Canadian Living and especially the men in our lives. Men don’t talk enough about their health so if moustaches is what it takes, we’re all for it.

A little background: Last year 247,441 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas helped raise over  $42.6 M for men’s health, in the areas of prostate cancer, men’s mental health and through its Global Action Plan (GAP), testicular cancer.  And students were a big part of that. In 2012, over 35,000 students participated in the BMOC network and raised over 3.2 million for men’s health initiatives.

So get out your moustache wax, pack away your razor and get growing because Movember begins today!