The ultimate cold-fighting tea

A few years back during a long and cold winter, I discovered a life-changing tea. And I needed a little life-changing, let me tell you.

My health was not at its best. I was working full-time and freelance writing full-time. I wasn’t sleeping more than five hours a night, I wasn’t eating well and I was extraordinarily stressed out. But shockingly I didn’t get sick at all that winter. And you want to know why? A little tea shop near my work had an amazing solution that kept my immune system in tip-top shape.

ultimate cold-fighting tea

And I’m going to share it with you.

Cold-fighting tea ingredients:

  • Freshly chopped ginger root
  • Half a lemon
  • Raw, unpasteurized honey
  • Hot water (Obviously)
  • Green tea bag (Optional)

How to make it: Boil the chopped ginger in a pot for 10 minutes. Pour the ginger and hot water into a mug. Squeeze in the lemon and throw in a bunch of lemon slices as well, drizzle in the honey and pop in a green tea bag if you want a caffeine boost and added antioxidants. (Leave the green tea bag out if you’re drinking it near bedtime so you won’t be kept awake all night.)

Trust me–this tea is a game-changer. Now I drink it whenever I feel a cold coming on or I’m battling one that’s already in the works. Trust me, it works.

What’s your favourite cold and flu fighter?