Six week slimdown: How to recover from a bad day of dieting

Yesterday I broke my healthy eating plan. Yes, I know it was only day two of the 6 week slim-down, so clearly I have no willpower. But having a bad dieting day happens to all of us. It usually happens when we are stressedemotional eating gets me every timeor when you’re at an event like a wedding, where it’s impossible to escape the dessert table. And of course after we eat that cupcake topped with delicious frosting, we feel awful and think we are never going to succeed on this diet. But don’t worry, I have four tips to help you get back on track after a bad day of dieting.

1. Forgive yourself
We are all human and it’s bound to happen that you eat something unhealthy while on a health kick. So stop beating yourself up and move on. If you hold onto the guilt about eating that cupcake then you will set yourself up to fail again and again. Instead, accept that unhealthy food is a part of life, but should only be a special treat. You gave yourself a treat, so what.

2. Write it down
The problem with falling off the bandwagon is we often don’t realize how badly we’ve fallen. We think we just ate a cupcake, forgetting that we also had a chocolate bar and a glass of sugar-filled juice. So write everything you eat, even the bad stuffyes I know, I want to pretend that I didn’t eat that cheesecake either, but you need to write it down. A healthy eating planner, like this one, will hold you accountable. You will realize just how bad all that junk food was for you. And you will be less likely to do it again.

3. Don’t let one slip turn into a free for all
I often have this thought process, “Well I had a greasy burger for lunch so I may as well screw my diet for the day and eat whatever I want.” NO! Do not let one slip turn into a full day of bad habits. Instead, accept the slip and jump back into your healthy eating plan. Follow up that greasy burger with your healthy snack of greek yogurt and almonds.

4. Don’t do a crazy workout
After you eat that unhealthy food, it’s easy to start thinking about how many calories you ate. Then you go do a two-hour workout in an attempt to burn those calories off. Don’t do this. If your body is used to a half-an-hour workout everyday, then stick to that. Maybe you can add an extra five minutes of running. But don’t do anything extreme. You will only end up injuring yourself or exhausting your body. A few extra calories will not kill you. You’re better off sticking to your workout schedule then throwing yourself off completely with one day of intense exercise.

How do you recover from a day of unhealthy eating?