How to plan ahead for weight loss

There are a lot of reasons why people eat unhealthy food but one of the big reasons is that it’s convenient. If you’re rushing to and fro dropping the kids off, trying to get to work on time, and attempting to fit in a workout, there’s way too many factors that can get in the way of making and eating a healthy meal. Here’s our simple advice: Plan in advance. If you have all the ingredients ready to go, it’s easy to make healthy choices. Kathleen Trotter, a personal trainer and fitness expert gave us advice and inspired some of these tips!

Here’s how to eat healthy and slim down:

1. Make a healthy grocery shopping list so you’ll always have the right ingredients on-hand.

2. Do some prep. Pre-cut vegetables so you can grab them for your lunch. Put a paper towel in the container with them so they don’t get too much moisture. Buy pre-washed spinach and kale so you can make a salad in a snap. Portion out the ingredients for a smoothie in your fridge so it takes minutes to make.

3. Cook up a storm. Take a Sunday afternoon and make a whole bunch of easy-to-freeze meals like soups or home-made turkey burgers. Put them in glass containers and pop them in the freezer so that when you are in a pinch, all you need to do is heat them up and add a few veggie toppings for a complete meal.

4. Eat your leftovers. Make extra food for dinner that’s easy to bring in your lunch the next day. Stir fries, salads and grilled chicken easily translate into a healthy lunch.

5. Practice portion control. If you eat nuts and dried fruit by the handful, make some mini baggies at the beginning of each week to throw in your purse. This will help you have an easy-to-grab snack without overdoing it. Also, don’t keep these snacks at your desk says Trotter. Try to keep them in the fridge at work so you have to get up and make a conscious decision to eat.

6. Save yourself some money. Buying dinner, lunch or even snacks on the regular can add up. Planning ahead saves you money, time and unnecessary calories.