Winter workouts that burn the most calories

Woman Exercise

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This week’s Six-Week Slim-Down challenge? Tracking your fitness. Unfortunately it’s common for people to overestimate how much benefit they’ve done for their waistlines every time they work up a sweat. You may have given 110 percent in your workout, but it’s possible you only burned off half of that chocolate cake you just ate.

But don’t be discouraged! Exercise is still super important for your overall health and essential to healthy weight loss. Plus, you can make things easier on yourself by focusing your time and energy on the workouts that burn the most calories.

Here are some of the highest calorie burning activities for the outdoor exerciser:

Shovelling snow – 422 calories*

Ice skating – 476 calories

Snowshoeing – 544 calories

Cross-country skiing (vigorous) – 612 calories

Running (6 miles per hour) – 680 calories

*(All calorie burns are based on estimates for a 150-pound person exercising for one hour)

  Goodlife class

And if you prefer to exercise indoors, try these high calorie burning classes on offer at your local GoodLife Fitness:

Zumba Fitness (a feel-good dance fitness class) – 520 calories per class**

BodyPump (a resistance training class with weights) – 560 calories per class

BodyStep (an energizing step-based cardio workout) – 620 calories per class

RPM (an indoor cycling workout set to music) – 675 calories per class

BodyAttack (a sports-inspired cardio workout that builds strength and stamina) – 735 calories per class

BodyCombat (a martial arts-inspired cardio workout) – 740 calories per class

**(All average calorie burns are calculated by Zumba and Les Mills International respectively)


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