5 myths about diabetes

If you have diabetes or a loved one who does, you’ll know there are lots of myths about this disease.

Can someone with diabetes ever drink alcohol? Do they need to avoid all sugar? We share some of the top myths from the Canadian Diabetes Association.


Myth: Those with diabetes shouldn’t or can’t drink alcohol

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, people with diabetes can drink but in moderation and once they’ve checked with their doctor. Also, they need to steer clear of sugar-laden mixed drinks and stick with straight liquor, dry wine or beer. And be warned, alcohol can lower your blood sugar when mixed with meds so be mindful.

Myth: People with diabetes should avoid carbs

Carbohydrate-rich foods can help to raise your blood sugar but people with diabetes need to eat carbs in a balanced diet just like the rest of us. Before you start any new diet plan, check with your doctor.

Myth: You shouldn’t eat white food

An occasional white carbohydrate treat isn’t a bad thing but generally everyone should look for whole-grain alternatives that won’t spike their blood sugar. The Canadian Diabetes Association’s advice? Check your blood sugar before and after eating white carbs to see how they affect you personally.

Myth: If you have diabetes, you can’t enjoy food

The Canadian Diabetes Association makes a good point: Living with diabetes does mean you have to be more careful about your food choices. But if you love a certain food, you can still enjoy it in a smaller portion if you’re monitoring your blood sugar or try a version with an artificial sweetener. Also, there are many new ways to re-work your classic recipes with healthier ingredients.

Myth: If you have diabetes, you’re doomed

If you have a team of health professionals around you that can work with you to manage your diet and exercise, you can maintain a happy and long life once you commit to staying on top of this disease.

Find out more at the Canadian Diabetes Association.

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