Fitness and diet secrets of Olympic snowboarder Spencer O’Brien

Spencer O’Brien may not have hit the podium at Sochi, but she’s won gold in our hearts. The world-class athlete shares her fitness and nutrition tips for performing her best.

Canadian Living: What does your average workout routine look like?
Spencer O’Brien: The last two years have been all about building for the Olympics, working hard in the gym to get my body in the best possible shape and learning how to deal with the pressure. Snowboarding professionally, I spend a lot of time living out of my suitcase. It’s really, fun but it means I need to find ways to stay committed to my training while travelling, which can at times be challenging. I’m a big fan of the N+TC app, which is like a personal trainer in my pocket. Even when I don’t have access to a gym or equipment I know I can get a good training session in.

CL: What is your favourite workout and why?
SO: I might be a bit biased, but I love my “Power Legs” workout in the N+TC app. I worked with Nike to design these 15 minute “Get Focused” workout and all of the drills are inspired by my love to go big, go fast and fly through the air…and I know that I need to build strong, powerful legs to do that! The combination or ski jumps, scissor jumps, box jumps and other drills will add precision, power and speed to whatever it is you love to do – run, ski, snowboard, etc.

CL: How do you stay motivated on an “off day”?
SO: A lot of people lose motivation when they get stuck in a routine and stop challenging themselves. The best way to stick to your fitness goals is to change up your workout routine and on the “off days”, just do what you love. For me, that’s hitting the slopes, but for others it could mean making it to your favourite yoga studio or getting outside for a run.

CL: Do you have a favourite pre and post workout meal? (I read you’re a baker – what do you bake?)
SO: I make a green smoothie every morning with kale, spinach, apple, avocado, banana and pineapple. But yes,in the last few years I’ve really gotten into baking, it’s how I like to relax after a long day – and I make a mean tiramisu!

CL: What about your fave healthy snacks? What’s your go-to treat?
SO: I think everything in moderation. I don’t deprive myself and I never will. I love food and I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or some dessert afterwards, even some chips with my evening TV show if I’m really craving them.

CL: What’s on your pump-up playlist?
SO: Some of my favourites right now are Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, Cat Power, Modest Mouse, Edward Sharpe, Of Monsters and Men and Lykee Li.

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