5 fun and healthy ways to spend March Break


March Break has arrived, and if you aren’t somewhere warm and sunny, you’re probably wondering what to do with your kids. Sure, it’s a great time for movie marathons and special treats, but you can also take advantage of the break to make sure your kids are keeping active and learning healthy habits. The fact that they’ll burn up all that pent-up energy is just an added bonus!

Here are five ideas for ways to spend your days.

1. Hit the slopes.

Whether you’re skiers who live near a mountain or you’ve just got a toboggan and a neighbourhood hill, you can burn all kinds of healthy energy going up and down the snowy slopes.

2. Make snow play more fun.

Put a little food colouring and water in a spray bottle, and suddenly you have an easy way to make your snowmen or snow forts more colourful. The kids will love running around in their rainbow-coloured winter wonderland.

3. Do some healthy baking.

Invite the kids into the kitchen to make something other than cookies. Get them trying new nutritious foods, like nuts and seeds in trail mixes, or fresh veggies in this kid-friendly Rainbow Veggie Pizza.

4. Hold a snowshoe race.

Take your old snowshoes out of the basement and set up an obstacle course. Or let the kids make their own snowshoes using shoe boxes and rubber bands, then let them race in them. (Google “make your own snowshoes” for all kinds of DIY ideas.)

5. Go indoor rock climbing.

If your kids are climbing the walls cooped up at home, it might be time to head to your local rock climbing facility and let them literally climb the walls. Rock climbing has the excitement of an amusement park for kids, and they don’t even realize they’re getting a workout!

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(Photography: Thinkstock)