Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s top 5 fitness and health pet peeves

Personal trainer Tracy Anderson can take credit for whipping the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow into shape. “Gwyneth came to me eight years ago and said ‘I can’t stand my butt and thighs,'” says Anderson. “Now she doesn’t have a care in the world and her body is not going anywhere. Out of focus comes great results.”

Tracy Anderson

Anderson has worked with countless celebs so we just had to get the inside scoop. Read on as Anderson shares her biggest fitness faux pas and how to fix them.

DON’T: Do the same workout every day. 

“I’ve spent 15 years researching and developing fitness content to be able to support people to create balance in their bodies—to get rid of overdevelopment—and to help them walk out with the bodies they desire,” says Anderson. “So much of fitness is about working around a joint in the same way and there is a real lack of strategy behind it.” This might explain her dislike for spin classes. “My workouts do work the large muscles as well but I work them in a way that challenges the way they are designed to move so you burn more calories.” Anderson recommends doing her method (which mixes up the moves) six days a week.

Tracy Anderson workout

DON’T: Eat processed foods.

“Stay as far away from processed food as possible and cut out gluten,” says Anderson. She doesn’t recommend cutting out entire food groups but suggests buying organic dairy and less processed carbs like quinoa.

DON’T: Eat non-organic foods. 

“If you have the luxury to afford organic food, eat organic food,” says Anderson. “If you’re going to eat a non-organic blueberry you might as well eat a Twinkie. The same nutritional content is in an organic blueberry as in an non-organic blueberry, but in a non-organic blueberry your body has to deal with all the chemicals that come with it and that makes all the nutrients in the blueberry irrelevant.”

DON’T: Jump on the juicing trend. 

“I want juice cleansing to go away,” says Anderson. If the juices are pasteurized you lose a lot of the benefits anyways and it’s a lot of extra calories and sugar, she says. Anderson tries really hard to get her clients off juice cleanses. If you’re going to do a smoothie where you want to eat your fruits and vegetables, you need a full amino acid profile protein powder that is all organic, fructose free with no soy or soy protein. And treat it as a meal replacement.

DON’T: Follow the latest celebrity workouts.  

“This year I’ve been telling people to look in the mirror and remind themselves that it doesn’t matter what a celebrity is doing,” says Anderson. “It’s all irrelevant. Just because a celebrity is doing something does not mean they are the picture of health or that they are doing it properly. Look at yourself in the mirror, figure out what you want, lean into the experts as aspiration and information.”

Photos courtesy of Official Tracy Anderson/FlickrCC