5 trending collectibles

Collectibles trending now!

We’re all collectors of something, and we all have our own quirky reasons for collecting the things we do – for the memories they hold, for their beauty, for the stories they tell or for the history they bare.

But what do we do when our prized collections get out of control? It happens! I’ve seen it firsthand! In my decades of experience as the daughter of a passionate collector of antiques and collectibles, it seems to me that the stuff inevitably gets stuffed into boxes and put into storage for the grandkids, sold at garage sales or sent off to the local thrift shop.

Along with my brothers and sister, I’ve salvaged, inherited and been burdened with collections – my mom’s and my own – and I just can’t part with them – yet! And since I have no intention of abandoning my passion for day-tripping to flea markets and antique shows, I’m always on the hunt for inspirational ways to use, display and enjoy my collections. (Click here for one of my articles on how to use and display vintage jardinières. They’re colourful, inexpensive and easy to find.)

Photo by Yvonne Duivenvoorden.


Trend spotting

Here are five of my fave trending collectibles I spotted on my latest adventure to the Brimfield Antique Show and Flea Market. You may just want to add them to your “must-find” list!

Although the Brimfield show is for anyone who loves treasure hunting, it’s also a super popular and important market for professional collectors, designers and dealers. When I spotted the pros it was great fun to listen to their conversations with the vendors (discreetly, of course… I couldn’t help myself!). Many vendors are extremely knowledgeable about the pieces they’re selling, so it was a great way to learn about the histories of items, to pick up tips on identifying authenticity and to find out what’s hot in the world of collecting.

1. Vintage suitcases 

Vintage luggage makes great storage. Prices ranged from $10 to $200 depending on the condition and the brand of each suitcase. Photo by Karen Kirk.


Use a vintage leather suitcase to display a collection of old family photos or pics from your travels. Or create unique end tables by stacking them in a pyramid shape. The sky’s the limit for how you can use these well-travelled beauties.

Vintage photos displayed in an old leather suitcase. Photo by Karen Kirk.


2. Folding chairs

The old wooden folding chairs below ranged in price from $10 unfinished to $25 painted. How pretty would these look around a white kitchen table?! They’re the perfect solution for extra seating and even look great stacked.

Folding chairs painted in pretty pastels. Photo by Karen Kirk.


3. Farm weather vanes

How fabulous would these vintage weather vanes look displayed on a kitchen wall or put back into use on a garage or garden shed? Look for them at farm auctions in your area. Lightning rods are also all the rage and highly collectible.

Vintage weather vanes. Photo by Karen Kirk.


4. Industrial light fixtures

Industrial-style light fixtures have been popular for a while and are still sought after by designers. You can find them at industrial and farm auctions for reasonable prices, but expect to pay a pretty penny for them at popular antique and flea market shows.

Vintage ribbed glass and tin light fixtures. Photo by Karen Kirk.


One vendor sold restored and rewired vintage light fixtures and even created unique fixtures out of the oddest objects, displaying them creatively throughout the booth. They were selling like hotcakes!

Weathered green metal shades rewired for today’s trendiest look in light fixtures. Photo by Karen Kirk.


The light fixtures below are made from galvanized olive buckets. Love them! They’d also be great for outdoor lighting, storing magazines or firewood, or as a trash bin in a home office or kitchen.

Olive buckets make fabulous light fixtures.
Photo by Karen Kirk.


5. The face of time

Time’s not up for these vintage clocks. Whether they work or not they make wonderful art pieces that can be made to tick away again, and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

A metal clock face from a demolished clock tower.
Photo by Karen Kirk.


Remember when clocks had style? Not just another pretty face – they kept us on time too! Ahh the days when we took the time to wind our clocks.

Time pieces from days gone by when time was good and we had good times! Photo by Karen Kirk.


What do a galvanized washtub and a flour sack have in common? Check back for my next post to find out!