10 eye-popping flower pots – container gardening at its best!

Add drama to your outdoor spaces with potted containers that catch the eye

These containers I’m going to treat you to aren’t your typical potted containers. In fact, I think they’re works of art created by gardeners with a keen eye for architecture, colour and composition.

While on the Toronto Botanical Garden‘s Through the Garden Gate garden tour in Toronto, I captured some stunning images of urns, pots and oversize containers that made me rethink how I was going to pot up my containers this summer.

Summer is way too short, so why not partner your impatiens, geraniums and petunias with something new in your pots to add a little drama, texture and colour to your porch, patio and deck.

I may not know the names of all of the plants shown in the containers below, but I know Frankie Flowers will know them. Pick up a copy of his latest book, Pot It Up: 150 Fresh Ideas for Beautiful Easy-to-Grow Containers, published in Canada by HarperCollins. In this fabulous book – my container gardening bible – you’ll find unique potting combinations, plant identifications and tips on potting up containers to suit your style, exposure and space.

Pots with pizazz

Steal these looks from master gardeners who demonstrate how to pot up unique containers that defy the limitations of their boundaries, spilling over their walls and reaching for the sun.

Pink and white wax begonia with red caladium and soaring colocasia in a classic cast-iron urn on a pedestal. Photo by Karen Kirk.

A statuary urn is elegantly potted up with arching white orchids and delicate lotus vine in a bed of moss under the protection of a front porch. Photo by Karen Kirk.

A classical urn on a pedestal set in a ring of boxwood filled with hibiscus and ivy. Photo by Karen Kirk.

A tropical standard rises above a cloud of annuals, including cascading petunia, lobelia, potato vine and geranium. Photo by Karen Kirk.

An ostrich fern is stunning in a vintage cast-iron wall-mounted urn. Photo by Karen Kirk.

It’s simple to create tropical splendour in a large urn with a tall palm, white ivy geranium, ivy, helichrysum (licorice plant) and Rex begonia. Photo by Karen Kirk.

Make your herb garden a hero and pot up your favourites in an artful oversize glazed pot. Stunning and tasty! Photo by Karen Kirk.

Take your potted palm towers outdoors and pot them up with annuals: pink scaevola, sweet potato vine, cordyline (purple leaf) and white wax begonia. Photo by Karen Kirk.

A mossy stone urn potted with a hydrangea standard and trailing greenery. Photo by Karen Kirk.

Trailing petunia and white bacopa cascade over an iron urn. A fragrant standard gardenia adds some drama. Photo by Karen Kirk.


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