Bathroom organizing: Clutter-busting storage solutions

I think I have the personality of an organized person, but if you’ve ever had a glimpse at my closet or bathroom you’d likely disagree. Sure, I’m a type A individual with OCD tendencies but I can never keep those two trouble zones neat and tidy. While drafting up my New Year’s resolution list (true to my personality, I heart lists) item number three was to “be more organized” in 2014. And since item number four was “no more procrastinating” I got started straight away.

The first trouble spot to tackle was my bathroom. When it comes to hair, skincare and makeup products I have more than your average bear. Call it an occupational hazard of being a beauty editor. Plus, the drawers and shelving also accommodates my boyfriend’s grooming aids.

Over the year’s I’ve learned a lot from Canadian Living’s Home & Garden Director, Brett Walther. One of my favourite pieces of advice (when it comes to organizing) is that there needs to be a place for everything. My bathroom supplies did not follow said mantra, deodorants were getting cozy with lipsticks and my toothpaste was surrounded by a sea nail polishes. I clearly needed some storage, so I headed over to Homesense to snap up some stylish solutions.

My favourite find was the clear slotted trays to house all of my cosmetics. I also used drawer organizers on the shelves, now we have his and hers versions. My shelves extend pretty deep so the trays allow me to pull them out if  I’m on the hunt for a hard to reach item. Finally comes the bathroom drawers, which are second only to junk drawers in their tendency for messiness. These clear trays came in a number of sizes and really helped categorize items and preventing the drawers from becoming a catchall.

Do you have any trouble zones in your home?