Faux fur throw blankets: Winter’s worthiest splurge

The worthiest splurge for your home this winter?

A Faux fur throw. Hands-down.

But not just any faux fur, because there’s a HUGE range of quality on the market—with a huge range of price tags to match. Opt for a faux fur that’s a little too thrifty, and you’ll end up with something that resembles a shredded garbage bag in a matter a months.

Faux fur is really something that you have to touch before you buy, because the real luxury of fur is in the tactile experience. One of the best on the Canadian market right now is this beauty from Au Lit Fine Linens:

blush mink faux fur au lit fine linens


60-by-72 inch Blush Mink faux fur throw, $375, Au Lit Fine Linens.
Photography courtesy of Au Lit Fine Linens.

No, you don’t need to adjust the colour calibration on your screen: This impossibly decadent blanket is indeed in pale pink hue. Wouldn’t it be absolutely stunning draped over the arm of a grey sofa?

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