Buy it or DIY it: IKEA’s new Nymo lampshade

Brett Walther on The Marilyn Denis Show.

I recently took my makeover of IKEA’s Nymo lampshade on The Marilyn Denis Show. A coat of gold spraypaint applied to the inside of the shade really amps up the illumination!
Nymo lampshade, $50, IKEA.
Photography courtesy of The Marilyn Denis Show.


There’s something incredibly satisfying about a good IKEA hack. Taking a mass-produced piece of furniture or home accessory, and making it your own with a DIY flourish, offers us not only a creative outlet, but also a cost-effective means of introducing custom pieces into our decor.

What’s even more satisfying is when a DIY makeover of a popular design reaches a critical mass, and actually goes mainstream.

Now, I’m certainly not claiming to have invented the idea of spray-painting the interior of IKEA’s Nymo lampshade gold—just log on to Pinterest, and you’ll see a hundred variations on this theme!—but it’s just possible that IKEA’s design team also paid attention to our collective upcycling efforts…

Check out the latest version of the Nymo, hitting IKEA stores this August! Not only does it save you the trouble of spray-painting, but the new pierced shades are super-chic. Score!


New Nymo lamp shades from IKEA.

IKEA’s design team has revamped the Nymo lampshade for August 2014, incorporating a brilliantly reflective gold finish for the shades’ interiors!
Photography courtesy of IKEA.


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