Siblings: Keeping them connected into their Adult Years

Sometimes I sit back and watch my kids interact with each other.

Will she share the very last cookie, just because her brother is giving her puppy dog eyes?
Even though he isn’t fond of board games, will he play anyways, just because his sister wants him to?
Does she patiently explain that painstaking math problem to her frustrated younger brother?

I watch the way they speak, laugh, fight, yell, resolve and help each other.

I can see that my children genuinely like one another.
They depend on each other and enjoy their time together.
I see them run to each other with exciting news or even not-so-exciting news.
I know they have each other’s backs.

This is what I see today.

I can’t see into the future.

As a parent, one of the greatest gift we can ever receive is seeing the ever strengthening bonds of our children well into adulthood.

I hope they'll be the best of friends for all of time.

I hope they'll be the best of friends for all of time.

I hope that all the time they share together today (as children growing up in the same household, sharing rooms, chores, toys, laughs, fights, moments, memories) will create a bond so strong that nothing can break through it.
Not their future partners, life paths, geographical distance.

I’ve seen far too many siblings grow up and grow apart, never to speak to each other again.
I hope that never happens here.

I hope that they always remain the very best of friends,
that they always share in each other’s accomplishments and
that they continue to be each other’s rock.

It would make my heart smile.