Are moms to blame if the kids are misbehaving?

According to new research in the journal Child Development, all kids can be a little aggressive, but those who remain explosive by the time they enter kindergarden have their mothers to blame.

Researchers have often wondered whether a child’s temperament is nature, nurture or a combination of both.

Scientists at the University of Minnesota suggest that a less than positive relationship between mother and baby could very well lead the way to defiant preschoolers, problems in school, depression and, later in life, drinking and aggressive behaviour toward a spouse.


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As moms, we take a lot of flack when it comes to raising children.
I’m not saying we always get it right, but I believe I am speaking on behalf of many loving, caring moms, when I say we do what we feel is best for our children.

Lifestyles, family dynamics and financial situations come into play and are key factors in each individual case. Some children are naturally calm and level-headed while others may be a bit more spirited and defiant.

In today’s society, we are exposed to so much information on what we should and should not be doing. We’re feeling guilty enough when it comes to child-rearing. We don’t need a study such as this one to make us question ourselves even more.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that moms are to blame for their temperamental children?

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