Wall of Love

Home Sweet Home

A Russian Olympian and his mom lunch in the dining area while an Olympic supporter from Ireland gets her nails painted (in her country’s national colours) in the salon, and  a family of one Olympian from Japan sit down for dessert and tea in the quiet of the cafe.

This is Procter and Gamble’s Global Family Home, which has been designed as a ‘Home Away from Home’ for all Olympians and their families attending the 2012 London  Olympics.

The Global Family Home is in keeping with P&G’s Thank You Mom campaign that recognizes the role of  Moms and supportive families who’ve played a crucial role the athlete’s journey to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

There’s even a Pampers Play Area, not to mention a well-stocked bar, a free Tide laundry service, plus a communications area (decked out on London call boxes) which enables athletes and families to stay in touch with their loved ones back home.

It’s also a ‘safe haven’ of sorts where Olympians and their families can meet up in a totally relaxed environment. The public isn’t allowed  The Olympic pace can be hectic, not to mention that it’s London in the height of tourist season, so having a familiar meet-up spot is hugely welcome.

The main purpose of the Global Family Home is about providing a quiet, calming refuge for Olympians and their families to connect during the games, which is important because many are thousands of miles from home in another culture, another language. It’s all about caring for their needs – and it’s all free.

Russian Olympian

Russian Olympian and his mom meet up for lunch at the P&G Global Family Home


quiet place to hang out

The lounge at Global Family Home is used by Olympians and their families and close friends to connect in a quiet place and just hang out, away from the madding crowd


treat yourself

The focus at the P&G Global Family Home is on the athletes and their families. Basically, they're taken care of from the moment they enter the door. Hundreds pass through each day during the 2012 Summer Games in London


Email home

Here I am checking out the free Internet service at the Global Family Home that P&G has provided for athletes and their families to keep in touch throughout the Olympics


The special ‘Wall of Love’ – Thank You Mom
One of my favourite elements in the Global Family home is the ‘Thank You Mom’ wall where athletes are invited to scribble down their messages of thanks and love to their moms. It was very touching to see  strapping muscle-bound athletes hunker down and write personal messages to their mothers – in an array of languages.

Wall of Love

Wall of love (Photo: Doug O'Neill)


thank you mom

Thank You Mom wall at Global Family Home



Loving you all of my life, thank you: Some athletes record incredibly emotional messages for their moms. The constant refrain is one of thanks.


love my mom

Short and sweet


I can’t imagine Olympians and their families could find a better home away from home.