Back to school – and a great contest from BIC!

Am I the only one who gets super-nostalgic about back-to-school time? The holidays top the list, sure, but when a slight chill settles in the air I always think back to my early school days (because those were the fun years, right? Colouring and storytelling beats exams hands-down).

These kids are ready to go back to school!

Our favourite memories of going back to school

And I’m not the only one. A quick survey of my fellow webettes shows their fondest memories of school was the anticipation and preparations just before September. Take it away, gals:

• When I was little, my favourite part about going back to school was the fresh-start feeling of those first few weeks. Squeaky clean new shoes and crisp unwritten in notebooks still say September/back to school to me. – Sarah, online intern

• The one thing I always looked forward to was the shopping. New clothes, new shoes and a new backpack. Even if it was for something as small as new pencils and desk supplies, it got me excited enough to go back to school.  – Farhana, web editorial assistant

• I used to look forward to all the books I would be reading and all the ‘big girl’ stuff I’d get to do… I’d anticipate it all summer. It was like entering a new club each year. – Simone, web editor

Is going back to school something to celebrate?

While I don’t have kids of my own who are prepping for their first day back, I do feel the ‘spirit’ of the season. For instance, I’m feeling a renewed interest in packing a healthy lunch each day. And now that the evenings are getting cooler, I’m looking forward to curling up on the couch and finishing the books I’ve picked up over the summer but have been too busy to read.

(Not to mention our list of back-to-school supplies that are so cute – I want the retro alarm clock and the bicycles notebook for myself!)

So rather than trudging through the mall the weekend before school starts for supplies, why not incorporate your kids in the process and have a little fun? From our experience, it looks like the time spent together getting ready for the big day could be more memorable than the first day back itself.

A back-to-school giveaway from BIC

BIC wants to send you back to school or work with all the writing utensils you’ll need. Leave us a comment below and tell us what was your favourite part about a starting a new school year was as a kid? Your comment will enter you for a chance to win a BIC Velocity Bold stationery pack, valued at more than $150!

BIC prize pack, worth more than $150!

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