Our favourite TV animals

The impending arrival of September brings with it the anticipation of not only a new school year but also a roster of new TV shows. Reviews and trailers have been making the rounds for a few weeks already.

One show that has piqued my interest is “Animal Practice.” The show revolves around a veterinarian at a busy New York City clinic whose best friend just happens to be a monkey named Dr. Rizzo.

Honestly it sounds absurd, but my curiosity will no doubt get the better of me when the show debuts at the end of September.

Hearing about this show got me to thinking about other TV animals. Here are 5 of my favourite: 

Eddie (“Frasier”): Is it even possible to see a Jack Russell terrier anymore and not think of the bane of Frasier Crane’s existence?

Minor characters on Frasier

Dare you to a staring contest! (photo: Wikipedia)

Garfield: He’s rude. He’s selfish. He’s a bully. He’d steal your dinner and your bed without a thought of remorse. Yet, his TV specials are must-watch events for me every time they’re on.

Salem (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”): I’m sure if cats really could talk, many would speak with the same sarcastic wit as this black cat. Perhaps it’s best that our feline friends can only talk with their tails, not their tongues.

Gary Hobson’s cat (“Early Edition”): One of my all-time favourite shows was this one from the mid-1990s about a man who got tomorrow’s news today – and always delivered by a nameless orange tabby. The cat hardly ever meowed, but rather just set about his job with a feline-appropriate ho-hum attitude.

Digby (“Pushing Daisies”): Another of my favourites, this whimsical show ended way too soon (2007–2009). Ned the pie-maker has the ability to bring people back to life with the touch of his finger; if he touches the person again, though, they will be gone forever. He learned of his “power” as a child when he watched his golden retriever Digby get hit by a car and brought him back to life. Ned could never touch Digby with his bare hand again, but he still found ways to show his beloved buddy some affection (back scratcher, anyone?).

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface with my list! Who are your favourite TV animals?

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