“My teacher turns boring stuff into fun. I just always want to listen to her.”

My daughter came home after Day 2 of the new school year and said…

“My teacher turns boring stuff into fun. I just always want to listen to her.”

I don’t think I could have heard anything more beautiful that day.
I believe that very statement just set the tone for the rest of the school year.
I forsee a great academic year filled with a love for learning.
It really is music to my ears.

I shared this with our Canadian Living Facebook friends and asked them about some of the inspiring and uplifting things their kids have told them about their teachers. Here are a few…

My daughter invited her teacher to Christmas dinner last year. Fortunately the teacher checked with me before presuming it was OK. – Michelle Maurice

OMG Michelle, I love this. She must have liked her so much, she felt like she was part of the family. That’s the cutest thing I’ve heard all day. – TS

On the last day of school in Grade 1 my daughter’s teacher gave all the kids in her class her home address so they could write to her during the summer to keep up their writing skills. Anyone who sent her something would be guaranteed a letter back from her. To me that’s true dedication to her students and shows her love of teaching! – Anna Foley

That is so great, Anna. Kids love to get mail. What better way to get them reading than with a personalized letter in the mailbox. I think your daughter’s teacher is pretty special. – TS

My son’s Grade 6 teacher was a Thai chef for many years, so he is looking forward to tasting some of her cooking on special days. He doesn’t like school, but he loves food! – Melanie Mitchell Heaney

Melanie, this might be a great way to incorporate his love of food with the day-to-day school curriculum. It will be so great to see him excited about heading into school each day. Who knows, you might even discover you have a budding chef on your hands! – TS

When our kids come home with stories of obvious admiration for their teachers, it only means great things. They are headed for an awesome academic year and they’re bound to experience a year filled with positive personal growth.

It doesn’t get any better than that!