Simple Felt Ornament

Over 20 years ago, I started making tree ornaments each year for my family and friends, and it has become one of my favorite holiday traditions. Because I make so many, I try to keep the design simple. I also try to make ornaments that are flat and light so that they are easy to mail with Christmas cards. Here is the ornament I am making this year.  (I like to start early because Christmas is such a hectic time!)

This ornament is great for moms because it is made of felt and won’t break when the kids are running into the Christmas tree.  lol 

It is also a great beginner project for older kids that want to learn to sew.  Younger kids could make a no-sew version by gluing the pieces in place.

Want to make one… or a bunch

Here’s what you do:

1)  Cut out the felt pieces.  You will need:  2 red circles, 1 green triangle, and 1 small brown rectangle.

2)  Stitch the brown rectangle and green triangle onto one of the red circles.  Sew a small yellow button onto the top of the tree. 

3)  Tie a piece of ribbon to form a “loop” and stitch to the other red circle.

4)  Stitch the two red circles together. 

 Isn’t it a sweet little project?  Do you like making ornaments with your kids?  I do.  :-)


 Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

 PS (You can find another adorable felt ornament here.)