Camo, Mommy Style

Ok, let’s get real for a moment.  I have kids.  2 of them.  And no matter what those mags try to tell you, I will never look the same.

I have a mummy tummy.

There I said it.

No amount of crunches, lunges, core work or fiber supplements will ever quite flatten that pooched puppy out.   In fact, the only way to truly get rid of it is surgery.

Since I’m not about to go under the knife, I turned to professional help.  Personal stylist Erin Nadler equipped me with the ammo I need to camouflage the paunch.

Erin’s Top 5 Mommy Camo Tips:

Ruching and Draping.  I think everyone says this, but for me it always feels like I’m drawing attention to it.  Like I’m calling out “Hey!!  See this pleat?  That’s the fatty deposit left by my son!”

Crossover Tops and Faux Wrap Dresses.  These actually work really well.  They create a very pretty neckline and draw attention to one’s, ahem, assets.  By the way, the reason she says faux wrap, especially for dresses, is because you don’t want to have any wardrobe malfunctions…

Layering.  A thick cammie under anything helps smooth out body lines, and anything on top adds depth creating a polished look that’s really hiding any extra baggage.

Wide Elasticized Belts.  Draws the eye in, heightens and lengthens you and makes you look 10 lbs thinner.  Take that!

Well-Made Clothing.  Ok, so this one will cost a bit more, but in the long run will wear better and make you happier.  While I love my $10 dresses from Giant Tiger, they don’t have quite the same tailoring as the higher end brands.  Plus the fabrics can’t be compared.  A roughly hewn, misaligned seam can’t beat a perfectly pleated placket.

By the way, to all the husbands and partners out there, a personal stylist is an affordable and very cool holiday gift.  It’s practical pampering, and a great way to get a mom from spew-splatered Lulus back into business…