Life is a highway!

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Like many Canadians, I like Florida. What’s not to like, especially when the weather here hasn’t caught on to the fact that it’s spring yet? And I like road trips. And when you put the two together, what’s not to love?

The freedom of an open road, to stop and eat and detour as we like is amazing. And the best part? Not having to take my shoes off when I cross the border into the USA like I do when I take a flight. I mean, sometimes I take my shoes off in the car but that is only because I want to.

I armed myself for the drive: snacks, drinks and a copy of Dave Hunter’s Along Interstate 75 (17th edition), Mile Oak Publishing, Mississauga, Ont.


I live in Toronto, so the best way to drive down to Florida is I-75. The book is tagged for interstate travellers between Detroit and the Florida border. Everything you need is in here: maps and travelogs, strip maps showing every gas, food and lodging facility at each exit. The best part? It includes parallel routes in case the freeway gets crowded, radar traps, rest areas, coin car washes, shops and malls. Don’t forget, the fun is in the journey!

And sometimes, it’s nice to get off the beaten path and take a side trip. Many are just minutes away from the Interstate – including battlefields and secret attractions.

When we tired of telling stories and listening to music, we entertained ourselves (after all, any way you look at it, it is a long drive) by checking out the Travelog pages in the book with reports and insider tips. It makes the time go by without even noticing sometimes.

And when I drive, I have a million questions: How do I stay informed of dangerous weather alerts? How do I stay safe if I’m faced with a tornado alert? Where are the RV parks? Is there a golf course near here? Hunter offers loads of tips and resources.

And finally, convenient travel logs, where you can track expense, mileage, where you stopped for the night, and make general notes. And seriously, think about this: 17 editions? This book knows what’s going on!

How about you? Do you like road trips?