Kate Middleton's due date revealed, we give advice

So the news regarding Kate Middleton’s due date (July 13th, if you believe the buzz) is all over the web this week. It’s a great date that would make the royal heir (currently the royal baby bump) born a Cancer, verbal and quick-witted, according to astrology.

For lots of women who have gone past 40 weeks, however, the buzz around Kate Middleton’s due date may bring flashbacks of anxious relatives and caring friends asking what seems at the time like every 20 minutes “are you in labour yet?” And if you think having a betting pool is only done for Kate Middleton’s due date, think again — my lovely (prior) coworkers had one going for mine.

The thing is, speaking for myself, when I was in the last month or so of pregnancy I had pretty much two modes when it came to labour. Either I was thinking about it, or I didn’t want to be thinking about it.

Here’s some advice for all people waiting for a baby,  they are not personally carrying (royal baby or not), whether they are Prince William, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, or Kate Middleton’s mother: Do not ask about labour.  It is not very likely that you will miss the event entirely.

Here’s what you should ask a pregnant woman approaching her due date instead, particularly in July:

  • May I get you a drink?
  • Would you like a nap?
  • Can I bring you a copy of your favourite movie to watch while I fold the laundry for you?

(In Kate Middleton’s case I will assume the laundry is taken care of.)

(Here’s some more great advice for how to support a woman approaching her due date.)

I actually did not make it to my due date in any of my three pregnancies, but I have close friends who have gone right past the due date, and the last few weeks can be really miserable all-around. It’s physically uncomfortable, and especially in a first labour, can be emotionally trying because as the person carrying the baby, all you want to know is whether you are actually in labour.

In fact, I would venture a guess that in the Google Era, a very large percentage of women are plugging “sign of labour” “is back pain a sign of labour?” “is my left foot falling asleep constantly a sign of labour?”  into their search engines, even though they know the signs already. (Pro tip: You probably won’t miss it, regardless of whether it’s before or after your due date.)

I suspect Kate Middleton’s due date, whether she goes into labour (or schedules a c-section) or not, will not look anything like the average woman’s day, except for one thing. She has to get that royal baby out of her body the same as everyone else. (Here’s how to plan your baby’s birth.)

How did you feel as you were approaching your due date?