The case of the missing sock monkey

It was a dark and stormy night. The building was empty and the only sound that could be heard was the quiet buzzing of the office’s fluorescent lights. That was the night it all happened. The night the sock monkey went missing. Or shall I say, kidnapped!

Before we get too far into this mystery, let me introduce myself. My name is Marie Waine and I’m Canadian Living’s newest detective.

Just kidding. But I am the newest life and health intern. I’m also a fourth year journalism student at Carleton University. Today I’m rolling up my sleeves and putting my investigative skills to the test!

Bubbs, the sock monkey, has been hanging around the office, eating bananas, for quite awhile now. Recently though someone came along and decided Bubbs was ready for a change of scene.

He was stolen from his home on Colleen Tully’s desk (Who is Colleen Tully, you ask? She’s a senior editor at Fresh Juice, a magazine we share offices with here). Only hours after the kidnapping, a note was left in cryptic typewriting saying Sock was safe, for the time being.

The first note Colleen received after Bubbs went missing.


There was only one thing to do: let everyone in the office know a thief walked among us. The kidnapper’s note was posted on what is now called the “Missing Monkey” bulletin board for all to see.

The very next day, another note arrived with a picture of Sock. His mouth was duct taped, so no one could hear his cries to go home.

Note #2. Poor Bubbs.


It’s been two weeks now and notes and pictures are still being received. No one is any closer to discovering who the thief is – just don’t let them know I said that!

What everyone is sure about though, is the way this sock monkey tomfoolery has brought a sense of fun and amusement into the office. Every day people look forward to the thief’s new letter and to see what crazy situation Bubbs is now into (we’ve seen him in a microwave and a pot on the oven)!

Bubbs (in a very clean microwave). Good clue! Can’t be too many of those around!


A crowd gathers around the Missing Monkey board to laugh and come up with theories of who the thief could be. We laugh because it’s innocent. A prank so simple, it’s genius. No one is getting hurt.

It’s like we are all kids again, pretending to be Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys. I love being a part of a community that isn’t afraid to have fun, and to laugh at themselves. I think it’s important to find a balance between hard work and having a good time. And after being here for only three weeks, I can see that everyone here agrees.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other pranks are pulled while I’m here this summer and what the monkey thief will leave next week!

All the clues are up on the board for everyone to see.


Is your workplace a positive place? What do you do to add a little fun into your workday?