Sweet Father's Day post: I love my daddy because…

Kids… What’s special about your dad? What makes him the best dad ever?

We received some sweet responses from a few of our little friends after posting these questions on our Canadian Living Moms Facebook page. After all, there are a few things that Daddy, well, just does THE BESTEST!

I love my daddy the most because…

“He lets me use him as a punching bag when I’m practicing my karate.” – Scotia, age 13

“He helps me take off my shoes.” – Jack, age 3

“He plays board games with me.” – Michael, age 7

“He makes the best Nutella waffles.” – Hailey, age 8

“He bends the rules when Mom’s not home.” – Mackenzie, age 11

“He sends my brother on timeout when he’s not playing nice.” – Ryan, age 5

“He shows me soccer moves so I can play better with my buds.” – Matthew, age 8

“He takes me golfing and teaches me how to play.” – Michael, age 8

“He takes me on long bike rides even with his hurting hip (dad is on a waiting list for a hip replacement).” – Marco, age 10

“Daddy…Rockie Bee-Bee…Akimo kiss…translation…I love it when daddy sings Rock-A-Bye Baby and gives me an eskimo kiss before bedtime.” – Alexander, age 2

“Grandpa Dido picks worms with me and we catch frogs together.” – Matthew, age 7

I’d love to add a few more to this list.
What would your child say is the reason his or her dad is the best dad ever?