5 Easy Ways to Beat the Heat {with kids}

The summer is well underway, and we have already had a few really warm days.  Hot days with kids can be a challenge, but with these simple ideas, you will be prepared for even the longest heat wave.

Here are a few “beat the heat” ideas you can try:

1)  Make a special “cool” summer snack – The ice cream sandwich (pictured above) is an easy and delicious summer snack.  First, bake a batch of your favorite ginger molasses cookies.  (I made mine small so that I ended up with a good “mini” snack for my boys.)  Then, after the cookies have cooled completely, scoop some chocolate ice cream onto one of the cookies, and top with a second cookie.  Serve immediately, and get ready for some smiles.

2)  Have a water fight – There is nothing like a good old fashioned water fight on a warm day.  Instead of using water guns, why not stock up on water balloons, dollar store sponges, and spray bottles?

3)  Get wet – When the mercury starts to rise, search out some H2O.  Hit the beach, go swimming, put out the sprinkler, or head for the local splash pad.

4)  Go inside – On the days when the heat gets to be too much to bear, find a fun indoor activity.  Go to a movie, try some bowling, visit a museum or head for the mall.  Sometimes air conditioning is your best friend.

5)  Play with ice – To pass some time, and help the kids stay cool, let them play with ice.  Freeze some small toys inside a block of ice and let the kids figure out a way to get it out, or let your little ones play with ice cubes in a bowl, water table, or kiddie pool.

What is your favorite way to beat the heat?  Stay cool, and have fun!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)