Is This Mom Setting Us Back?

So I drop Baby Boy off at Bug Camp.  Their indoor work with the science, lifecycles, eating habits, sleeping and predatory patterns is balanced with outdoor scouting and collecting missions.  He comes out each day full of facts and fascination, and brings home pretty cool, if occasionally icky, creatures.

As we’re waiting to go in, one of the other mothers says “I wonder if they’ll be any girls here?”

“Yes, there always are,” I respond.

“But only the weird ones.”


I opt not to point out that the programme is run by a female entomologist.  I also opt not to wallop her for being such a complete, biased, sexist idiot.  What century are we in?

Is she the same mom that would freak out if her son wanted to be a caregiver and say “no, that’s only for the weird ones?”

Wonder if she also mandates that boys wear blue and girls walk 3 steps behind.

Maybe someone should remind her that beautiful things come from bugs, but sometimes not so beautiful things come from humans.