Get It Now!!

Though the dust has barely settled on the Back to School crush, the fall Social Media contests have swung into full blast getting hooked up moms abuzz.

And the thing is, each time I see an “enter to win” tag, I get excited.  I’ve never won, but you know, you have to play to win!   And the gift baskets always look so appealing.  It takes a couple of minutes before reality checks in, and it always does.  Because why would I need a lifetime supply of Mrs. Dash?  I never use the product!  And I’m pretty sure I can survive without the e-blasts I’ll be inundated with as soon as I click “enter”…

So why do I keep getting sucked in?

Because the promise of free product is so alluring.  We all work so hard and moms are rarely rewarded, so to get a little treat means that much more.

But still, it’s like all the e-promos that arrive in my in-box.  “Save Now!!”  “Big Sale!”  “Best Deals!”  “Last Chance!”   I blindly rush to click on the link to look at the supposed deals, before again realising I don’t need a pair of skinny boyfriend boxer harem pants, and while I’m glad dewy skin is in, I also don’t need another skin tightening, skin brightening, pore reducing, anti-aging, super moisturizing serum.

But when I do, it’s safe to say there’ll be another promo, and yes, it’ll be the “Biggest Savings Ever!”