Day 4, day 5: September quick & easy dinners

I have to admit that usually my family relies on leftovers and I am worried my kids are going to be spoiled with all these new dinners.

September 4: Grilled Steak and Asparagus Salad
We never seem to have any trouble getting our kids to eat steak. Or duck. If only we did not have to pay for daycare, we would be set! But in all seriousness, this meal was a hit. I did serve the kids plain asparagus, which my toddler chewed on for a while, but spit out. (If you are a non-parent who happens to be reading, sadly, this happens.)
Family rating: Excellent, will make again

September 5: Sausage and Pesto Orecchiette
This pasta was a great fit for our family and close to some pastas we serve regularly. But I will say this one was better; I think it was tossing the pasta in where the sausage had cooked. Well, and of course it comes from our fabulous Test Kitchen.

Here’s my basil story to go with the pesto: When my elder son was 11 months or so old (okay, I actually don’t remember his age, but he was not yet walking but could pull up), I found him chewing on a house plant. I ran to call poison control, and actually was dialing the number before I realized I almost called the emergency line to report that my son had eaten…basil.

He still loves it in all its forms.

My kids also loved hearing that orecchiette means “little ears” in Italian. It did scare me that they then enjoyed biting into the pasta so enthusiastically.
Family rating: Excellent, will make again.

What’s your family’s surefire pasta hit?