Smaller Testicles Mean Better Parenting?

A new study claims that fathers with smaller testicles are more actively involved as caregivers for their children.

The study posits that fathers with smaller testes were using the brain region associated with reward and parental motivation to a greater extent when looking at photos of their own child than those with larger testes. Size of the testes is linked to testosterone levels and sperm production.

This study is far too ballsy for my liking. (Sorry, had to do it.) The basis of the “finding” is on brain activity when looking at their child’s photo? Are you kidding me? They do admit that this correlation between testes size and caregiving was not a perfect one–um, you think?

Maybe there is a link between testosterone levels and how naturally involved a father may or may not be. But ultimately, I highly doubt it’s anything that can’t be superseded by a father’s desire to be a good father. Good dads are good dads because they want and try to be. Just like good moms are good moms because they want and try to be.

The last thing we need is another excuse for some lame father to not be an active parent–“Sorry honey, my balls are too big to change Junior’s diaper.” Oy.