Mom, What Do you Do?

“Mom, what do you do?”

“Well, I…”

I stop for a moment to think about it.  In a day I:

  • Wake up
  • Work out (sometimes.  Ok, not as often as I should…)
  • Prep articles
  • Pay bills
  • Prep lunches
  • Make breakfast
  • Do laundry
  • Clean the counter
  • Get the them up
  • Make sure they’re fed, cleaned, clothed and brushed
  • Clean the counter
  • Do the school run
  • Write articles
  • Volunteer at school
  • Clean the counter
  • Do a photoshoot
  • Or a media launch
  • Or both
  • Prep an after school snack
  • Occasionally let Starbucks prep the after school snack
  • Clean the counter, even at Starbucks
  • Pick up the kids
  • Deliver snack and start the afterschool activities chauffeur juggling routine
  • Realise I didn’t plug in the slow cooker and prep dinner as the bairn chill out
  • Clean the counter
  • Have “quiet time” as they do their home work and I start processing images, write another article or, if I’m lucky, read a book
  • If I don’t have a night shoot, book club or a dinner party,  I’ll start the bedtime routine.  Sometimes it’s a basketball shoot-out, a walk to the park, or just to the tub.
  • Then it’s pjs, tooth brushing, a last counter wipe before settling in for story time and finally tucking them into bed.

But that’s not what I tell them.

“Well, I…I write articles and take pictures of famous people.”

“Ya, that’s what we thought…”