People need to lighten up about Lip Sync Dad

Have you seen this video making the rounds entitled “Dad lip-syncs to daughter’s temper tantrum”? Here it is below. I think it’s pretty funny.

Predictably, some people don’t find it funny at all. One of our commenters said it was “Sick” to be exact. Come on, now, really? What’s the big deal? This was done at home, clearly, so not in a public place. The screaming daughter is off-camera, and the rest of the family are getting a giggle where otherwise they might be pulling out their hair. And I bet in five years this tantrum-y girl will get a kick out of this video too.

I might remind the haters out there that there is a long-running TV show called America’s Funniest Home Videos that has capitalized on this type of video humour for, oh, decades now. Babies get flipped upside down, toddlers fall down, kids get bonked in the groin. Sorry but Tantrum Lip Sync Dad is not worse. We’re laughing at the kids in those videos. In this one, we’re laughing at the theatrics of a grown man. No one is getting hurt.

What do you think? Funny or bad?