What Kate Middleton is trying to show us with her grey hair

Yesterday Kate stepped out to support the London Poppy Fund. But instead of talking about her support for this organization, the world is talking about how she has a few grey hairs.

Pre-baby, Kate’s hair inspired the world. Everyone wanted her big-lustrous locks—called the Chelsea Blow Dry. And of course, her hair’s enviable rich brown colour. Her former hairstylist Richard Ward said she uses an organic vegetable dye to get that colour.

But now Kate has gone grey and we here at Canadian Living Moms think she did it on purpose.

Kate isn’t like other moms who have to trek to the hairdresser to get their greys covered. When you’re a Princess, the hairdresser comes to you at the drop of a hat—Kate had her hairdresser on stand-by after George’s birth to do her hair for the new baby’s big reveal.  So it’s not like Kate couldn’t have had her hairdresser come to Kensington Palace and dye her greys while the nanny or Wills watched George.

But Kate chose not to call her hairdresser when the greys appeared. She didn’t try to cover them up with a hat or with a half-up half-down hairstyle. Instead she embraced them and showed the world that she is a normal mom—too busy with a new baby to worry about her looks.

I applaud Kate for doing this. She has always worked to show she’s just a normal girl, who shops for her own groceries and does her own make-up. So why can’t she also be a regular mom so consumed with love for her baby that she doesn’t want to be apart from him to get her hair done.

The grey hair was definitely a calculated message on Kate’s part, much like her choice to show her post-partum belly. Kate’s a regular mom, who is dealing with post-partum hair loss and the greys that come with the stress of a new baby. Good for you Kate, I think you look beautiful!

Photo courtesy of Keystone Press.