Great Canadians: Inspiration from immigrants

We recently asked our Facebook and Twitter followers which Canadians inspire them. (Be sure to follow us in both places!)

This comment from Hilda A. and the picture she posted really inspired us, and so we wanted to share:

Which Canadian inspires you?
“The immigrants that started the wave many years ago. My dad came to this country in 1957; married my mother in the dead of night so that the locals wouldn’t know, but she then joined him 2 years later. Dad worked as a dishwasher for 75 cents an hour; when mom joined him he was up north in Churchill working on the rail lines. They are pictured together here during that time. To all those that paved the way for us…thank you.”

We also had a lot of people mention Chris Hadfield, so here’s the Q&A he shared with us, from our September issue.

We would love to know which Canadian is inspiring you today!