Best Scottish drink for cold weather

Hail the Scots. They found the cure for the cold!

I’m not suggesting I’ve stumbled upon a cure for the common cold, the one accompanied by much sneezing and wiping of one’s snout.  I’m merely saying I battle the cold, as in dropping temperatures, the onslaught of winter,  the chill in the air, with the only drink that will warm your heart and curl your toes: Scotch.

Not one to betray my Irish ancestry, I remain faithful to my love of a good pint of Guinness, but when winter starts its descent, I treat myself to a fine glass of Scotch.
Visit Scotland Scotch Whisky

I’ve done stand-alone afternoon tours of Scotch distilleries in Scotland, but I’m fantasizing (it helps get through the doldrums of winter) about doing a tour in Scotland that focuses on just scotch. Several Canadian Living readers emailed me last spring asking for information on such tours for 2014.

So, three Scotch tours in different parts of Scotland to consider:

1. 4-Day Islay Whisky Tour: tours the Queen of the Isles and Whisky Coast

2. Malt Whisky Trail in Speyside: learn how to drink malt the way it was meant!

3. Argyll and The Isles : best of west coast whisky

On a scale of 1 to 10: how excited would you be to tour Scotch distilleries in Scotland? 1 being not excited, 10 being “over the bonnie moon”?