How to send a letter to Santa

Well my daughter’s letter to Santa is finished. There are only five things on it this year, sadly three of them are craft kits that feature glitter quite heavily. (Hope Santa is bringing me a new hand-vac for Christmas).

If you are ready to pop your child’s letter in the mail, here are a few things to keep in mind straight from Holly T. Elf, the Chief Postal Elf at the North Pole Post Office (and courtesy of Canada Post).

1. Letters should be addressed to:

Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada

2. Include a return address! Of course Santa knows where all the good boys and girls live but his postal elves still need an address since St. Nick receives more than 1 million letters each year in more than 30 languages including Braille.

3. Don’t place items in with the letter. Santa loves drawings but other items like cookies or small trinkets don’t travel well to the North Pole.

4. In previous years letters to Santa needed postage. This year they don’t. So save your stamp for a Christmas card to Grandma.

5. The sooner you mail out the letter the better but it must be mailed by December 17 to receive a reply. If you don’t get your child’s letter to Santa in time, your child will receive a postcard from Santa once he begins his post-holiday vacation. Rumour has it the big guy is off to Paris this year.

When your child does get their reply, be sure to check out the cool stamp of Mrs. Claus on the envelope. Santa had a personalized stamp made just for her this year.

Photos courtesy Canada Post