New relationships: To gift or not to gift?

With the holidays around the corner, many new couples will find themselves walking the line regarding festive commitments and will also be wondering just how much to spend on gifts for their significant other.

Dating website recently polled Canadian singles* and asked, “How long do you date someone before giving them a present for a holiday or occasion, and how much do you spend?”

Here’s what they learned:
. Most Canadians believe you should only give someone a holiday gift after dating for one to two months and you should spend between $25 and $50.

. Younger Canadians are more likely to rush into gift-giving than older Canadians — singles between 18 to 34 years old wait only one to two months before picking out presents while singles over 65 wait at least six!

. What women really want—and it may no longer be presents! More men than women believe in giving gifts to someone they’re dating for less than two weeks.

Whether you’re in the passionate throes of a new relationship or you’ve found stability in a long-term and beautiful union, we’ve pulled together some fun gift ideas for you and your significant other. Here are 10 exciting gifts for your partner under $150. In addition, also check out some of our 150+ gift suggestions to get inspired. From treats for foodies to the techies (and Trekkies) on your list, we’ve got you covered.

* national online survey of 1184 Canadian singles, conducted September 13 – 17, 2013.

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