Royal anniversary: 10 things we've learned since Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy

Today, December 3rd, marks the one year anniversary since Prince William and Duchess Catherine announced that they were expecting a baby. At the time, Kate had been admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which forced the couple to announce they were expecting before Kate hit the crucial 12-week mark. There was lots of concern for Kate and worry that she would have a rough pregnancy. And of course there was lots of old wives tales saying that having acute morning sickness was a sign you were having a girl or twins. But alas, all of these rumours and worries turned out to be for nothing because Kate welcomed a cute and chubby little boy named George on July 22.

To celebrate the day we found out the royal baby was coming, we thought we’d recap 10 things we’ve learned since Kate announced her pregnancy. And in case you’re wondering, the picture above is from Kate’s most recent appearance at the SportsAid awards, where she wore a beautiful Alice Temperley dress with a bold red clutch from Alexander McQueen. She also debuted a darker hair colour, that is apparently the result of a six hour visit to the hair salon.

1. Even royals get sick
Kate seems so perfect, with her glossy hair and well-coordinated outfits. Of course we would never wish acute morning sickness on anyone, but it was slightly comforting to know that even unflappable Kate wasn’t immune to morning sickness.

2. Maternity wear can be stylish
Every time Kate stepped out during her pregnancy, we were anxiously waiting to see what she wore. And she never disappointed, showcasing her bump in wrap dresses and bold prints. I love how Kate took coats from her pre-pregnancy wardrobe and made them into maternity wear. She wore her coats open over empire waist dresses, showing moms all over that maternity wear can be sophisticated and comfortable.

3. A “mummy tummy” is normal
When Kate emerged from the Lindo wing with little George in her arms, she didn’t try to hide her post-baby belly. Of course many people questioned if that was normalsome even rudely asked if she had actually had the baby. The answer is yes, it is totally normal and to be expected that you still have a bump after having a baby. All moms are forever grateful to you Kate for showing the world what a normal woman looks like after delivering a baby.

4. Even future Queens need their mom
William and Kate spent their first night at home with Prince George in Kensington Palace. But the next day it was off to Bucklebury to stay with the Middletons. Most first time moms want the comfort and expertise of their own mom as they adjust to sleepless nights and trying to figure out how to keep this tiny human happy. Kate may be the future Queen, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need her mom when she’s going through a major life change.

5. Non-royals can be godparents to the King
We were betting that Prince Harry and Pippa would be godparents to Prince George. But Kate and Wills surprised all royal-lovers when they chose close friends as godparents. Who knew that you didn’t have to have a royal bloodline to be a mentor to the King?

6. What a hatinator is
Kate introduced the world to the “hatinator” when she wore one to Prince George’s christening. Her cream-coloured hatinator, aptly named “Georgie,” became the must-have item for moms. And her beautiful coat dress wasn’t half bad either.

7. Kate can play volleyball in wedges
At one of Kate’s first appearances after her maternity leave, she showed off how her post-baby body. But we here at Canadian Living Moms were most impressed with her ability to play volleyball in wedges. I think all the juggling that comes with motherhood has taught Kate that moms can do anything—even spike a ball in three-inch heels.

8. All moms have bad hair days
Even with her hairdresser on speed dial, Kate couldn’t escape the hair loss and grey hairs that come with the stress of motherhood. Who knew Kate was just like us?

9. Future Kings can be cranky
Prince Harry revealed that sweet baby George has a habit of screaming. It’s nice to know that even the future King of the U.K. is just a normal baby who screams his little heart out when he wants something or just because he can.

10. Wardrobe malfunctions happen to even the most put together mom
Poor Kate was sweetly talking to some children when a gust of wind blew her skirt up. Luckily her modesty was maintained, but it showed us that all moms have wardrobe malfunctions. Even moms who have a team of people helping them look perfectly put together.

What have you learned since Kate announced her pregnancy?

Photo courtesy of Keystone Press