Is there a baby shower for men?

Attention moms-to-be, there’s a new baby shower in town and it’s all about your partner. Yep, you read that right, dads are now getting their own baby showers. They’re called diaper parties.

I first heard about diaper parties a couple months ago while discussing my cousin’s up-coming baby shower. I had no clue what they were, but after hearing all about them, I’m was kind of sad I’d never gotten invited to one.

A diaper party is a low-key party just for men. The setting is usually someone’s house, maybe the brother or cousin of the dad-to-be. Guests are asked to bring two things—a box of beer and a box of diapers. A diaper party is all about helping the new parents deal with the cost of buying so many diapers—a very practical concern.

So what do you do at a diaper party? From what I gather, since I’ve never been to one, you basically drink beer, barbecue food and discuss the latest sports game. It’s all very simple. There’s no decorations in pastel colours. There’s no shower games, like guess the baby food. And there’s definitely no tiny sandwiches and tea.

Now most baby showers have a registry, so you know what the mom-to-be needs. And if you’re having a diaper party, you should have a registry of sorts too. You need to let your guests know what brand of diapers you want and what sizes. I’m loving these cute designs, pictured above, from The Honest Company—who can resist a baby with anchors on their bum? Honest diapers aren’t just adorable, they’re also free of chlorine and additives, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals touching your baby’s sensitive skin.

I’ve got to say I’m loving the idea of a diaper party. While you are off eating a baby-shaped cake and getting adorable gifts from your registry, your partner can be enjoying his own party full of beer and diapers. It’s the perfect way to get ready for your new baby.

Would you have a diaper party?  

Photo courtesy of the Honest Company