Maggie Tails: What to buy your dog for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and as you’re checking your list to make sure you got a gift for everyone, don’t forget the dog in your life. Maggie Mae loves Christmas—there’s so many presents to sniff and rip into. She can barely contain herself on Christmas morning, she’s like a little kid. Every year we fill Maggie’s stocking with gifts and every year there are only a few gifts she continuously plays with. So many of her toys just sit in her toy box unused. To help you pick a gift that your pet will love, here are three gifts that Maggie loves.

1. Water bottle toy
I don’t know why but my dog is obsessed with plastic water bottles—she will stalk you if she sees you have a bottle. And clearly, as seen in the picture above, she gets very possessive of her water bottles. I thought this was just a weird Maggie habit, but apparently most dogs love water bottles. This adorable Cow Water Bottle Cruncher is an adorable stuffed animal with a water bottle inside it. Maggie has a similar one except hers is a fox. She loves stuffed animals, so having a water bottle in a stuffed animal is almost too much for her to handle. And the great thing is that you can replace the water bottle once your dog has crunched it down. So this gift won’t be broken an hour after your dog opens it.

2.  Beef bones
Maggie can’t talk—obviously—but I’m pretty sure this is her favourite toy. She has about five of them and often has them all out at the same time because apparently one bone at a time isn’t enough. The beef bones are filled with turkey, which is a yummy treat. But the great thing is it takes forever for the dog to get all the turkey out so they’re entertained for hours as they gnaw away at the bone—I mean look at her face in the photo, that’s some serious concentration.

3. A dog bed
Maggie likes the life of luxury and so she loves her comfy bed. She sleeps there every night and often naps there too. Plus the great thing about giving your dog a bed, is they won’t sleep in yours any more. I love my dog, but she’s a bed hog, so she needs her own bed. And if you’re looking for accessories for your dog bed, Maggie is a fan of her Harry Potter blanket. Above she’s resting on her bed with her blanket and pillow. Yes she’s high maintenance.

Happy shopping, hopefully your dog is happy on Christmas morning.

What do you get your dog for Christmas?