Prince George's future wife is born


Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband, Christopher O’Neill, welcomed a baby girl on February 20. The new little princess will be fifth in line to the Swedish throne, but in a way she’s an American princess because she was born in New York, where her parents live. Her name and title will be announced once her grandfather, the King of Sweden, meets with his cabinet.

During a cabinet meeting, it was announced that the new little Princess’ name is Leonore Lilian Maria, the Duchess of Gotland. What a sweet name! The middle name, Lilian, honours Princess Madeleine’s aunt, who passed away last year. I think Leonore, is a lovely name, that is both traditional and unique, kind of like Mia Grace.

The new little princess will have a playmate in her cousin, Princess Estelle, who is Madeleine’s niece and the future Queen of Sweden. I’m sure Estelle, pictured above, can show her new baby cousin the royal ropes, since she’s already got down the whole acting cool while around some serious diamonds!

Now you’re probably wondering why I called the new royal baby Prince George’s future wife. Well, for a long time royals were expected to marry other royals. And when Prince William was born, not long after Princess Madeleine, there were lots of rumours that they would be the next royal couple. Princess Madeleine is like Prince Harry, in that she is the spare to the throne. And heirs to the throne marry a spare to another throne.

So since Prince George is the heir to the British throne, he could marry this new spare to the Swedish throne. Of course since Prince William married a commoner, it is unlikely George will be expected to marry another royal. But it’s still fun to play royal matchmaker. If anything, George and Leonore will be excellent friends who can compare notes on their respective palaces.

What do you think the new royal baby will be named?

Wedding photo courtesy of Bengt Nyman/Wikimedia Commons and photo of Estelle courtesy of Frankie Fouganthin/Wikimedia Commons