Things people say when you're expecting your third child

We were almost home free. Days of uninterrupted sleep were history. Our kids, aged 7 and 4, are still little but don’t need all the attention that toddlers and babies require. They do most things unassisted and sleep through the night (thank goodness!). We were looking forward to days of decreased child care expenses, car seat-less cars and floors so clean you could eat off them.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a few more years. We just found out that we are expecting our third child! Are we excited? YES, we are! It was a nice surprise because the way I see it, when you’re talking about children, there are no accidents. Whether it’s one, two or three: Children are a blessing.

People say the funniest things to you when you’re pregnant but when it’s your third child, you’re open game for a lot more unbelievable questions. Here are four funniest things that have been said to me since I started telling people I’m expecting my third:

1. “Pfffft…!” followed by a smirk.
Not even kidding.  I’m still not sure what was meant by this reaction but I’d like to think it was this person’s way of congratulating me.

2. “Is this happy news?”
I know the doctor’s office has to be cautious about any pregnancy but when it’s a third, this question takes on a new meaning. To me it meant, “No one plans to have a third child!”

3. “Was it planned?”
When people ask me this question it makes me think that they think we’re nuts for having a third one, particularly if it was planned. I think whether it’s planned or not, a third child just means more LOVE!

4. “The third one is never planned.”
True. For us and apparently everyone else who has three children! This is a statement that I’ve heard only from parents of three, including the nurse, friends and family.

When all is said and done, the most important thing is that my family, including my two children, is ecstatic about the new addition. My 4-year-old has already picked out her favourite names and my 7-year-old has been talking about babysitting (with the help of an adult of course!).

As a mom of two, I already know of some of the challenges that lay ahead as I prepare to welcome our third. Sleepless nights, feeding on demand, sloppy dinners, dirty diapers, fun, fun, fun! Follow me on my journey to becoming a mom for the third time – in my forties (eek!).

I want to know if you’ve experienced the same comments and questions. Leave your comment below, I look forward to reading your responses.